What’s WordPress & How Can it Help My Business

What’s so fantastic about WordPress?
With tens of thousands of pre-designed themes and more than 15,000 plugins offered, you can utilize WordPress to develop practically any website for a fraction of the price of developing from scratch. And as if this isn’t enough, its open-source format permits WordPress designers to reprogram and personalize WordPress to do pretty much anything they desire.

For instance, take a WordPress e-commerce online store. In the old days, the choices were either to acquire an expensive e-commerce plan or to pay a web developer to develop one from scratch. Nowadays, WordPress offers a much cheaper option. With lots of WordPress e-commerce plugins available, all you need to do is set up the plugin, set it up with the options you require (discounts, stock control etc.) and personalize it to show your overall site design. And in the not likely event that it does not have any of the features you require, WordPress developers can reprogram it to add these features. This choice merely wasn’t available a couple of years ago however is now a popular option for small and medium business alike.

So why do not more designers use WordPress?
I believe there’s an extensive attitude that using WordPress– and styles in specific– isn’t ‘proper website design’. Numerous designers and developers like the complete satisfaction of designing from scratch. This is their art and the reason they entered into web design in the very first location.

There will constantly be a role for web design, and marketing companies are increasingly more companies require this to be integrated into a content management system such as WordPress. Fixed sites are not adequate as site owners need full control over their content.

It’s challenging for traditional web designers to switch to WordPress. Converting a Photoshop or HTML style to WordPress requires various skills and innovations, such as PHP programs and an understanding of how WordPress works. Those who see themselves as designers rather than web designers often do not wish to enter this direction. That’s why as skilled WordPress designers, among our main sources of queries originates from web designers who need their styles transforming to WordPress.

So it appears like the future of web design lies largely in partnership working in between web designers and WordPress designers.

Isn’t the point of WordPress to develop websites without a web designer?
It’s easy to set up a WordPress site without much technical know-how. We see less and fewer customers who desire us to establish and manage their whole site. Instead, lots of companies and people are teaching themselves WordPress and constructing their own websites.

Some web designers and designers feel threatened by this. However I see WordPress as a chance rather than a hazard.

There’s still a big need for specialist WordPress designers due to the fact that:

Individuals get stuck and require aid with WordPress
Companies who have actually established or commissioned a custom website design instead of a style need it converting to WordPress
Lots of customers need WordPress personalization– customizing styles to reflect their brand name identity, WordPress plugin advancement, and so on. Bigger business need an expert WordPress expert to incorporate WordPress with their existing IT systems and assist them get the most from WordPress.
As WordPress designers, we have to accept that customers want increasingly more control over their website. Rather than resenting their input, we must welcome this and operate in partnership with our clients.

Our role has actually ended up being more of a technical specialist than a conventional ‘web designer’. We respect the tasks that customers want to do themselves, and are on hand to offer expert advice and offer any technical proficiency that is needed.

By being flexible and moving with the times, that’s why WordPress developers are the future of website design. For more information visit ryanhumiston.com – seo company

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