Verification of Employees in Financial Services Institutions

Verification of employees, is it a necessity? Yes it is. All employees have to be thoroughly screened in all aspects according to the rules and regulations of companies. There are companies that the screening process is done before one is admitted to be a part of the company. There are some in which the screening and verification is done after one has joined the company. It happens to be a continuous process throughout one’s lifetime in the company. Some employers keep doing the screening by filling in forms that keep on describing how their employees are. They can achieve this by the process of signing performance contracts.

Is verification necessary in a Financial Institution?

Before an individual is employed as a financial institution employee they need to be vetted and verified to be of good moral standards by all means. This is achieved by first getting a certificate of good conduct from the police and the Criminal Investigation Department. The certificate is only offered after one has been vetted by the police and found to have clean criminal records from the society. Since the certificate expires, one should offer the most current one. The employer can contact the Criminal Investigation Department for former records and any other fishy behaviors. This is important for the financial institutions since the employees will be entrusted with handling the company’s cash and records.

img-home_doors_custom_individualsThe employee’s spiritual background may also be considered. It is assumed that if an individual believes in the doctrines of their churches, then they are likely not to steal the money from the institution. Another important factor to be considered is the financial experiences that they could have had prior to coming to the current employer. They stand a higher chance of being employed in case they have handled money previously in other financial institution. The current employer can confirm the reputation of the employee from their previous employers. This is well done when they contact the former in order to get the exact picture of their potential employee in handling certain figures of money. The institutions that must verify the financial behaviors of their employees include banks, supermarkets and other micro-financial institutions. In order to be admitted in the financial department of most organizations as accountants and cashiers, the individuals should also be vetted.

The employer can also decide to perform their verification by getting referrals through the word of mouth. This can be found from people of high moral standings like pastors and teachers. These people can give their opinions which are highly considered. These professionals are considered as a result of their working relations with the potential employees. They may have mingled with the said people at some point in matters related to finances. Therefore one should always strive at winning the trust of as many people as possible in matters related to finances.

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