Is A Temporary Agency Way To Go?

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, having the right people by your side is crucial nowadays. Knowing how market trends can change its directions very easily, that may find your company in a hot pursuit for propperly skilled workers. On the other side, if you are looking for a job, it can be really hard to keep in track where and when to apply. The solution is a temporary agency.


Widely known as ˝temp agency˝, this kind of agency goes between job seekers and employers, helping them to get in touch with each other. Basically, companies will enter a contract with a temp agency in order to get to the needed workers as soon as possibile. When requested, agency will manage to find propperly skilled people for the job. Of course, companies can definetly benefit here, considering that they avoid costs of placing ad`s, interviewing or even training a new employee.

Temp agencies ussualy focus on specific proffesion or business such as office administration, security, nursing or industrial labor. Before applying to any temp agency, it`s very important to get to know the terms they are offering to you. These are determing factors that will affect your choice:

  • Can they place you in a job in your field?
  • Who pays the placement fee?
  • Will you get any trainning?
  • How long will you wait for next assingment?

recruitment firmsSo, your choice of  temp agencies dc will surely affect your future careere development. There are numerous temping advantages:

  • You will get to meet different company cultures. That will help you to understand your preferences as an employee.
  • You can learn many new skills, considering that companies can use different systems to get the same job done.
  • It`s an exelent boost up for your resume.
  • If you`re interested in competitive jobs, temping is probably the best way to expose yourself and to test your skills.
  • Flexibility. You have the freedom to choose when will you work.
  • There are great possibilities to meet like-minded people willing to help you progressing.
  • Temping can also be a good start even if you are looking for permanent job. The most important thing is to prove yourself.


Terms such as recruitment firms and staffing agencies sometimes confuses people. The main difference between those two is that recruitment firms are heading for full-time employees with companies and always searching for high level positions. While stuffing firms are usually focused on searching for lower-level positions and usually specialise in short-term or temporary employees. Also, there`s a big difference when it comes to finding the appropriate candidates. On the one hand, recruitment firms are searching for company`s job ad`s in a specific web-sites or literature, and following the ad`s instructions they`re looking for the best way to send your curriculum vitae and cover letter. On the other hand, staffing firms have a data base of available workers so they can respond immediately on companies demand. But, to get your resume and cover letter provided, its necessary to submit an application for a staffing jobs.

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