Are solar trackers worth the investment?

A solar tracker will help you when you want to boost the energy output of your solar receiver and panels. The device works by following sunlight from sunrise till sunset every day. Therefore, when there is sunlight, the gadget will ensure the panels are tilted towards that direction from morning till earning. The tracker will, in turn, increase the energy generated by the solar receiver. This implies that more power will be produced to energize all electrical appliances in the house. Hence the output is significant. The amount of energy produced can be up to thirty percent high considering the type of tracker you have installed. This will save you in reducing the cost of electric bills every month.

  • Why the solar tracker is important

One major aim of power Utility Solar Tracking firms is to produce power at lowest rates. Therefore, these companies should have better equipments and means to generate the electricity required so that they can remain in business. Previously, mounting solar modules at best possible site was considered the only way to offer cheap power to consumers. However, this method came will lots of limitations. This meant that almost half of the day, the panels will not face the side where sunlight is. The advantage with solar trackers is it ensures that the panels will be facing whichever direction the sun moves.

solar-trackerThus, the solar tracker you install will make sure the solar panels are in constant motion and moving towards the suns direction. This will effectively increase the production of energy the system will output. Data from research firms shows that energy produced when the tracker has been fitted proves that it will generate about twenty five percent more compared to fixed solar panel. The increase will be determined by location and weather patterns.

  • Investment returns

Buying a tracker is about twelve percent over the fixed tilt solar panel. This implies that the cost of power production will eclipse the expenses by a huge margin and thus boost your returns on the investment you made when you purchased the system. The device will widen the delivery of energy when there is a peak demand. For example, during the summer times, the need for air conditioning is high and electricity used as well. This is also the best time for the solar tracker to give the highest output. These systems are among the best innovations made in recent times and have changed the way electricity for domestic and other uses as well.

The debate around whether the solar trackers are suited for homes has been there for ages. However, you will find that majority of the residential have the standard PV’s. However, if you have enough space to install on, go ahead and you will enjoy the Solar Tracker Benefits. This also implies that your home will be supplied with unlimited power throughout.

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