The Perfect Beard For Your Face Shape

It’s not easy being greezy… or sporting a grizzly beard so let us help you out. Here’s are a few pointers that will take your beard game to the next level. For a list of specific tips, everything from growth serums to the best stores to find beard products locally visit –

The best beard for every face shape – Business Insider Lee/Business InsiderA full beard is one of the most common looks you’ll see on a man these days.

But that doesn’t mean it works well for everyone, as some face shapes just don’t lend themselves to the style. If you’re looking for a change, you might be curious about other styles you can get away with wearing.

Shaving company Braun has done extensive research on beard styles and face shapes to take the guesswork out of switching up your face hair.

The following are their suggestions. (Fair warning: some of them are a little out there, including chin straps). read more at

If you’re going to jump on the bandwagon then you’re going to need to be prepared, you can’t just go out and expect to know how to rock a perfect beard on the first try. It takes years to perfect the wizardly look, most men will tell you that they spend more time on their beard (trimming, clipping, oiling) than anything else in the morning routine. But can you blame them when it looks as cool as this…

Beard Grooming & Maintenance Tips – The Gazette Review like history, fashion always repeats itself and the resurgence of the popularity of facial hair is just the most recent iteration of a cycle that has taken place for centuries. In the past beards have been seen as a sign of intelligence, wealth and a much admired status symbol, and at times they’ve also been considered the mark of a villain. Beards were particularly popular amongst the wealthy for several centuries until the advent of World War one, when it was discovered that a full resplendent beard interfered with the effectiveness of gas-masks so the trend for a respectable gentleman turned once again to that clean-cut look.

For some the daily grind of shaving can be a torturous ten minutes that leave our faces feeling scratched, dry and uncomfortable, but now that beards are considered cool again many of us have put the razor down for good and look forward to a face full of luxurious growth. But a great looking beard doesn’t just happen on it’s own, to avoid looking like a throwback to the Neanderthal age there are plenty of things we can do to get the kind of beard that looks cool, tidy and fashionable.

If you’re like me and have the kind of face that only a mother could love then you’re probably just considering letting your beard grow as much as possible, but as well as hiding your face, a beard can also draw attention to some of your least favorite features, so think about what sort of beard would really suit you. See more…

If you need even more help growing that miniscule thing you call a beard then head over the the foremost authority on everything beards, it’s a wealth of information and a little bit of humor too. –

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