PACE program – A World Changing Idea

Did you know that more than 35% of the energy we consume in the USA is used for heating and cooling our properties, and 25% is used to power our buildings? With the new PACE program we can bring this to its end! We don’t have to endanger our planet anymore because with this property assessed clean energy program we can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and electricity and also preserve our drinking water supplies. PACE is created to make a positive impact on the society and set a true example for others.

PACE stands for property assessed clean energy and it is developed as an idea to finance energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy installations for various buildings. These upgrades can be very diverse, from rooftop solar panels and water conservation upgrades to LED lighting and numerous other eco-friendly upgrades for buildings. PACE Financing is great way to finance all forms of renewable energy upgrades, because with it you can pay for new and “greener” heating and cooling systems, water pumps, insulation, lighting and everything else that comes into your mind. The only condition is that the upgrade is energy efficient. You’ll get maximum productivity with minimum expenses and wasted efforts.


Major advantage of this program is that property owners are able to improve their goods without having to pay a large sum of money in advance. PACE provides 100% financing of all costs during the project. You can choose this program voluntarily and after the financing, you need to repay the costs of the upgrades in the next 20 years. Repayment is being managed through property assessments and everything is being paid as an addition to your tax bills. If you are unable to repay them back, you’ll face similar consequences as not paying your property tax bills.


If property owners use PACE they not just save their money, they’ll also make their housing more valuable. Many governments have chosen to sponsor PACE since it helps the society in multiple ways. Thanks to this idea, economic development has increased, more jobs are created, and the environment is being kept safe more than ever before. Governments have supported the launch of Commercial PACE Financing in several countries across the USA. Many new programs have recently been established like energy independence programs and residential PACE programs and every day, more of them are being developed. New programs are always developed in a way to make a positive eco-friendly contribution to the society.

california home efficiency

When it comes to California PACE Program, if you own a home in California and you want to make some great green upgrades for your home and reduce environmental pollution, you should apply for this program and realize all your ideas. Not only you’ll transform your home into an energy efficient property, you’ll also be able to make water conservation upgrades. It doesn’t matter what type of property you’re improving (residential or commercial), or which parts of your home you want to upgrade (for example windows and roof), you’ll get 100% financing for all renovation costs. You don’t have to use PACE only if you want to improve and renovate your housing, you can also use it for installing new energy systems.


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