How To Find The Perfect Accommodation When Traveling?

Summer is the perfect season to travel to different places. There is an increasingly number of places to visit as people always find new destination where they can spend holidays in. When traveling, people are not just limited to the usual popular beaches and other tourist spots where it tends to be overcrowded.  They continue to discover new places to enjoy with their loved ones.

However, one the main concerns that travelers have is their accommodation. With the rise of accommodation services found in the internet like Airbnb, it has never been this easy to find the perfect place to stay to whenever you go to different places. But, what exactly should you look for when choosing the perfect accommodation?

Sara, a blogger and traveler from, shares her methods on how to find the perfect Airbnb accommodation.

My Method on How to Select the Perfect Airbnb Accomodations

How people travel is shifting. With sites like Airbnb, more and more people are moving away from staying in traditional hotels and towards a more local experience of renting apartments/houses or shared spaces with residents. There are lots of pros to using Airbnb for lodging – it’s often less expensive than a hotel (especially when split among a larger party, and if there is a kitchen that allows self-servicing some meals) and allows for a more local-feeling experience. There’s a lot of great material already written on this – like Adventurous Kate’s How to Use Airbnb and Have a Great Experience for a detailed explanation of the site, or Expat Edna’s post on 6 Airbnb’s I Loved Around the World to give some inspiration on the cool places you could stay worldwide.

If you’re a huge fan of Airbnb like I am, you may not need convincing why to consider using it. The next question may be the how – how to land on the perfect place to rent and have a successful stay. This is the how to effectively use Airbnb, following my method on how I sift and select where to stay.

[This process led me to one of my all-time favorite apartment rentals in London this April, so I’m going to feature it as my example along the way.] Read more here. 

Traveling should not be costly. People do all that they can to save whenever they go to trips. Good thing is that more and more people enjoy traveling and they are sharing their itineraries so that others can take a cue from them and adjust their budget on the more important things that they need to spend money on when they travel. One of the aspects of traveling that people can save money is the accommodation. Hotels and apartments offer discounts to travelers.

This article by Christian Cawley of gives some tips on how to save money on hotel accommodations.

How to Save Money on Every Hotel You Book

You need to go away for the weekend, or arrange a stop on the way to somewhere else. The obvious solution is a hotel… but they can be so expensive these days, can’t they?

They don’t have to be.

There are many ways you can save money on hotel bookings, from downgrading your requirements to simply asking for a discount from the hotel manager. We’ve put together this list of tips and tricks you can use to get a good hotel at a budget price.

Don’t Stay in a Hotel

Not every hotel you find online is actually a hotel.

Rather than focus on the big hotels with endless corridors of rooms, why not consider smaller options? Guest houses, bed and breakfasts, and public houses with rooms you can book are all good alternatives.

And they’re invariably cheaper. Read more here.

If you’re wondering how long should you book your accommodation for, this video might give you some ideas so check it out.

Traveling shouldn’t break your bank. With careful planning, you can save so much money for accommodation without compromising comfort and safety. There are many accommodation services that offer quality services such as the Fall City Roadhouse – Snoqualmie Falls. Be sure to check them out to see what they can offer.

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