Does Driving A Mercedes Benz Actually Make You Look Better?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class For Safe And Stylish Driving


Mercedes Benz cars are always appealing to a wide class of people. You can buy any model that matches your lifestyle and enjoy its multiple features. The Mercedes-Benz E-class is among the latest 2016 Mercedes models. This car can match your lifestyle whether you are a company executive or a taxi fleet operator. If you love the S-Class or C-class, then you will definitely love the comfortable sedan trim of the E-Class. Buy Aftermarket Mercedes transmissions are excellent and the E-Class also has a smooth touch.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is still easing in many showrooms and seems to attract fans who love comfortable driving. This new model has a smooth silhouette, sharp flanks and a classy roofline. Compared to the S-Class, the E-Class has a lower profile. Generally, the dimensions of this car are slightly different from the S-Class ad the C-Class. You will however not fail to notice the new change in this car which is the wheelbase dimension that has been increased to 65mm (2,939mm versus 2,874mm). The new change adds to the already spacious rear row of the E-Class which gives it a limousine feel.

The E-Class has a new chassis and Mercedes transmission which makes it a smooth sprint in city’s cobbled roads and countryside rough terrains. These qualities make the car model stand out compared to other types.


The car has a 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol, a new engine which has been copied from its predecessor. You can buy a new model or pick up a reconditioned one in case you need it. The E-Class comes with 4-drive modes which include Sports, Sports Plus, Comfort and Eco. The Sports Plus delays gear shifts and has a sharper steering response. The Plus mode is highly sensitive to steering modes which is a unique feature in E-Class series. Steering in sharp corners and curves is not a challenge with the E-class.

The E-Class sedan comfortably allows the driver to raise his/her height for ideal ground clearance especially on unpaved roads. Mercedes Benz prides itself as the only superior executive sedan that features this option which enhances drive-ability.


The interior of a car also matters for car fanatics who love style. The E-Class is perfectly laid out to match the stylish exterior. The car’s seats and other interior parts have quality perforated leather. The E-Class overtakes the S-Class with its 64 different varieties for interior lighting while its predecessor only has 8 options.


Convenience driving has been enabled in most Mercedes Benz models. The E-Class unique feature is a twin 12.3-inch digital instrument displays. The displays provide necessary information that a driver would require from navigation instructions, engine temperature to speed. Other technological advances in the car include automatic lane changing and remote parking which can allow you to use your smartphone as key. By tapping your phone on the door handle, you will be able to unlock the cars door. The car also features a designated spot on the centre of the console where you can charge your smartphone wirelessly. The advanced E-Class completely eliminates the key fob because the driver slightly steps on the brake pedal and pushes the ignition button.


In addition to these cool features, the E-Class is a very safe car. The rear passengers have seat belts that can inflate to form mini airbags. In case of a side collision, the side bolsters on the front seats quickly move occupants a distance of about 2 inches inwards, a safe distance away from the collision point. To protect the passengers from hearing loss in case of impacts, the car uses its hi-fi system to produce a sound just before impact which is believe to put the ears in a reflex protective mode that reduces the risk of hearing.

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