Different Ways of Tattoo Removal

Thanks to development of technology and science, you are no able to remove a tattoo you simply don’t want to see on your body anymore. Tattoo removal is a completely safe procedure and many people undergo this procedure every day. It is not unusual that people regret having a tattoo and want it removed. We all make some mistakes when we are young. If you want to find out more about removing tattoos, you have come in the right place. There are various ways of getting rid of tattoo – from dermabrasion and excision, to cover up techniques and laser removal.

Dermabrasion and Salabrasion

Dermabrasion is a very painful procedure. The area that needs to be treated is highly cooled (almost frozen) and then the tattoo is basically being scratched off with rotary brush or a diamond fraise. This special rotary brush removes the top layers of skin and the tattoo disappears as the other deeper layers are cleaned. This procedure can sometimes be ineffective, it can cause the skin to bleed and leave a scar on the treated area. It’s mostly not recommendable since there are newer and more successful methods of tattoo removal. The same goes with salabrasion. This technique is very old and it consists of applying an anesthetic to the area that needs to be treated and after that, a water solution is applied. Then the area needs to be abraded, with similar tools as the ones used for dermabrasion. The method is i most cases ineffective, leaving a scar and risk of injuries. It is effective only if the tattoo is superficial, but it still requires multiple treatments.


In this procedure, after the anesthetic has been injected, the tattoo is cut out with a scalpel. After that, the surrounding skin is sewn back together.  This procedure is recommendable only for smaller tattoos. Large tattoos can also be removed this way but it will leave a big scar and sometimes the skin needs need to be grafted from other parts of the body. Since this procedure is very invasive, it is prone to development of infection.


Cover up

Cover up is the best method of tattoo removal. Actually, as the name implies, in this procedure your old tattoo gets replaced with a new one. Covering up your old tattoo is a non-invasive method which is much simpler and far less painful than the others we have mentioned above. It also doesn’t need months to be completely treated. This is also a very cost effective method of tattoo removal. Not only you’re getting your old tattoo removed, you’re also getting a new one. A skilled tattoo artist can make wonders with the cover up method. Before making your decision, be aware of the following – cover ups can be done only once on an old tattoo.


Tattoo Removal Creams

This is a cheap way to remove a tattoo on your own. Tattoo removal creams can fade your tattoo in several months but won’t be able to remove it completely.

Laser Tattoo Removal

This method is considered one of the best and reliable methods of tattoo removal. It is pretty expensive and needs several treatments, but it will ensure your undesired tattoo is removed in a relatively painless and non-invasive way. Special lasers will deconstruct the ink pigment in treated area without damaging the surrounding skin. If you want to learn more about Ink Revision and laser removal treatments, visit this link.


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