Which are the most Common Rug Mistakes?

Choosing a proper rug for your room can be very tricky. In order to find the best rug which will be adequate for your place, you need to consider many factors. For example, you need to compare a potential rug with the color of other elements in your apartment such as the color of walls, furniture, floor etc. Many experts say that it would be good to choose a rug first and then buy other elements for your apartment or a house. This is, of course, an option for the people who are decorating their homes for the first time.

Since this is not an easy thing to do, we are here to help you! We found a very interesting article which has been written by Lauren Piro from The Good House Keeping.

7 Rug Mistakes to Never Make

If you’re decorating your room from scratch, choose the rug first. It’s the big, impactful piece that ties a room together, and if you wait until you’ve placed the final throw pillow, you could search for months before the perfect rug come around. (Though, you could go with something neutral until the rug gods grant you a better choice). “When we’re designing a room, we’ll choose the rug and then throw pillows, textiles for curtains, and more on the floor with it, and pick whatever goes with the rug best,” says Lewis. Read the full article here. 

You have probably imagined how your new rug would look like, but you need to think about where to place your new rug in your apartment. If you place a new rug in a wrong place, it is going to lose its shine and it won’t be attractive.

If you think that you don’t have taste for this, we are here to help you. Afterall this is your home and you should decorate it in a way you want, but we are going to give you some professional tips that will make this process easier for you. Lyndi Catania from The Life Hack has written a very interesting article on this subject.

4 Common Rug Placement Mistakes

“The dining room is a perfect place for a rug, but only if it’s the right size for the dining room table. A common mistake is choosing a rug that is so small that the dining room chairs come off the rug when pulled out. If the rug is too small, the chairs will constantly rub against and get caught on the edges of the rug. Whether your dining room table is rectangle, round or oval, there are ways to prevent this from happening.” Read the full article here. 

Check the video above to see how to find a good rug for you. If you choose to buy this dark brown area rug you won’t regret it. Click on the link to see more information about this rug and many other.

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