Cheap Restaurants in Falls Church

If you love eating high-end or comfort food, but you don’t have a lot of money to go out every night and have a dinner at a fancy restaurant, check out our list of Falls Church budget-friendly restaurants. These places are perfect not only when you are interested in having a relaxed, peaceful dinner, but also when you are looking for a new place to take your special one on a date. These eateries are also great for having long brunches with your friends, business lunches, weekend family dinners and similar. The best thing is that all their services and food are available at an affordable price.


If you are looking for a place where you can have casual but classy dinner, visit this grand Afghan banquet hall. Their tables have elegant white cloths, and their interiors are decorated with classy crystal chandeliers. The staff will await you in a smart elegant suit. Although the interior is rather sophisticated, you won’t have a formal meal here, but a marvellous feast.

First, you will be offered ovals of freshly baked bread, and after this, you will be tempted to order their delicious, tender dumplings. These dumplings are filled with scallions and sauced with a beautiful combination of ground beef, yoghurt and mint. The dumplings named aushak are equally tasty as their other meat entrée, mantu. Both dishes are available in small portions. If you are interested in trying out something new, we recommend caramelized eggplant, charcoal-grilled kebabs or a massive tasty qabili palow

Bangkok Golden

If you love eating Asian food, this restaurant is the right place for you. If you are visiting, you must try one of their famous minced-meat salads or delicious lemongrass-laced stews. When it comes to something new, we recommend trying fish steamed in banana leaves with chillies and dill. If you love spicy food and heat, you must try Lao hot. A cold beverage, such as Beerlao will go well with these spicy dishes.

Bánh Mì D.C. Sandwich

If you are not interested in having a fancy dinner, but rather a wealthy meal, you should try Bánh Mì D.C. Sandwich fast food. This place is made to have a short break and a quick meal, so unfortunately, you won’t have a place to sit. However, their sandwiches are so delicious that you will eat them entirely in less than 3 minutes. The bánh mì sandwich is a delightful mix of East and West, and it combines the fresh and tasty baguettes and pâtés of the French cuisine and lightens them with cilantro, pickled carrots, daikon and chillies. All ingredients are fresh and crispy, but also light and warm.

La Caraqueña

Although the exterior of this place doesn’t look so impressive, once you come inside, you will be pleasantly surprised. This colorful and cozy bistro with polite staff will serve you tasty rum-laced cocktails and some of the best South American comfort meals. Our suggestion is to try out peanut or black bean soup, and arepas that are not fired but griddled and stuffed with delicious fillings. A salad made from corn, avocado, and variety of greens will perfectly complement these meals.

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