What can you do before calling an emergency plumber

Even though most homeowners like to think that their home can be on a schedule that suits their own, a major plumbing emergency can happen to anyone, at any moment of the day or night. You should start thinking about your home as an entity that’s getting no rest at all. It always operates in one way or another, and your plumbing system is no exception.
The majority of homeowners often have troubles facing plumbing emergencies. The thing is, most of them don’t prepare themselves for the upcoming issues, or at the very least issues they cannot see. It may seem like something people who always think of the worst would do, but try to think about it as preventive planning.
Being proactive is never a minus. And yes, your plumbing system may run smoothly, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a reliable and trustworthy plumber to come to your home and check all the weak spots. As we already said, a plumbing issue may occur at any given time, so you need to find a 24 hour plumber to handle the emergency. In case an emergency happens, and you don’t know who to call, here are a few things you can do first.

Plumber hands with a wrench. Plumbing renovation background.

Shut down the water
It’s the first thing to do to prevent damage from increasing. In case the water is running out of your toilet or faucet, just turn off the water supply. But, if you’re not sure how to shut the water at the source, you can always do it at the main valve. Before you make any calls, try to assess the urgency of the plumbing repair. Many plumbing issues such as leaking faucets, leaking toilet, or clogged drain can wait for the morning to come.
Call the water company first
Sometimes you won’t be responsible for the repair. In case the problem involves sewer blockage, mainline break or service line break, make sure to call the water company first and check if they can offer you help.

What if the emergency can’t wait?
In this case, you’ll have to call a 24 hour plumber. Of course, you have to try to identify the problem as close as you can to describe it to the plumber you’re going to call. Also, make sure to check every fixture in your house to see if it’s affected or not. In the end, there are a few questions you need to think of when looking for a plumber.
Ask for a copy of their license and skill certificates. You can even ask for their portfolio to make sure they’re trained to do the job they do.
Ask for pricing. When you make a phone call, ask for an estimate of the repair cost. Of course, not everyone will provide you quotes over the phone, but at least you can get the rough numbers.
Ask for the service call charges. In some cases, there will be fees just for coming out. So you make sure to ask for the price ahead of time.

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